Marketing Tracking & Testing

is something that the electronic marketing arena has given to business, yet it's amazing how many never use tracking to its full potential or even at all.

Internet marketers have known for years that many times the only single difference between one who wildly succeeds and the ones who fail is simply that the one who succeeds is constantly testing and tracking results.

For a business, not to do this is quite frankly, inexcusable. The metrics and statistics that the world of online marketing can deliver to you and your ROI are absolutely invaluable.

Through tracking, a business can know almost immediately whether their marketing campaign is on the right track or not. And not only the entire campaign itself, but all of the individual components of the sales funnel as well.local business online success

With the numbers that are involved here, simply tweaking a headline on a sales page, an opening paragraph in the sales page, the subject line of an email, the opt-in box on a sign-up page, etc, a business can almost immediately pick up additional percentage points in their sales conversion rate... and just think if you improved all the components above in your sales funnel by just 10%; the overall cumulative effect rate would probably at least triple your revenue stream.

Tracking and acquiring such valuable information can give you the fire power you need to constantly out perform your competitors not matter whether you provide simple online services, or you have a complete full service warehouse. Plus, understanding the behavior and the needs of your customers can put you out front in the marketplace by launching new services, and products that your audience has indicated their is a passionate need for.

In conclusion... There is absolutely no doubt that the time arrived for businesses to re-think their marketing strategies... even more so for local business owners. No longer is just running a perpetual ad in the Yellow pages to acquire new business going to cut the mustard. Businesses must take advantage of every dollar of profit that is available both from new and existing customers.

At this point in time, online marketing isn't something you should be thinking about; it something you need to be deploying. The online market potential is just to vast (and growing vertically) to ignore if you want to remain competitive and even outpace your competitors in today's business landscape.






















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