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Recent business studies and research indicate that in spite of the growing number of online searchers and shoppers, small local businesses have still yet to adjust and even adapt to this trend.


Consumers are currently way out ahead of small businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to using the web as much more than just a place to surf websites and gather information.

In fact, consumers frequently (and rapidly growing) use the web to find local businesses. 92% of those surveyed say that they have researched both products and services online prior to making an offline purchase from a local business.

82% indicate that search engines are among the most preferred tools they use in which to find a local business... this makes using online tools and search engines the most prevalent.

Today more than ever, small local businesses must begin to think and even act like Internet users. The numbers have and are growing exponentially and small businesses just can't afford to ignore this. The internet and internet consumers are not a fad... this trend is not going to slow down anytime soon and it is not going away.

If you're a small business wanting a bigger share of your local market (and who doesn't), aside from the consumer side numbers which are well illustrated in our video on local business online marketing (which you must watch), look at the opportunity you have right now to grab more of a market share away from your competitors.

44% of business owners say they don't have a website... may your competitions doesn't yet... but they will.
51% of business owners that have bothered with getting a website up evaluate it as being poor at driving new customers.

49% and this is even more unbelievable considering the numbers you're about to see on local business online marketing, say they don't even spend 10% of their budget on any kind of online marketing or advertising on the web.

Are the numbers worth it? Watch the video... and you decide.























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