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By in large as I talk we people and work with clients that are involved in running their business on a daily basis and not so much thinking about terms such as SEO, many (if they are familiar with the term at all) think of SEO as obtaining the number 1 ranking with Google.

But SEO is much more involved than that...

to put it into such a narrow silo, and as a local business owner it is very important to understand the components of SEO and the the scope of work required by these components in order to be successful.


Before any type of SEO activity gets underway a business must first need to identify their target audience.

This means not only taking a look at and determining what your goals or expectations are for your website, but it also means scouting and evaluating the competition in order to get a level of effort that will be needed in order to out rank your competition.

Secondly, you'll take steps to get your website ranked as high as possible using the terms you gathered in the discovery process of evaluating your target audience. At this point it's important to make a technical but very important distinction when the term 'ranking your website' is used. To be precise... web pages NOT websites get ranked.

We'll get into this in more detail as we go along, but the goal for local businesses is to get their web pages ranked for the terms (keywords) that they know that their target audience is searching for.

Over time your overall site will gain strength in the eyes of the search engines but this is really a side effect of your website building its online muscles one page at a time. This will involve work that you will do to your website itself, or if you are just starting and building from the ground up; you'll want to create the best possible SEO foundation.

This is know as 'on-page' optimization.

You'll also begin in what is known as 'off-page' optimization. In a nutshell these are activities that you'll go about doing that get other websites (pages) to link back to yours.

And finally, you'll need to track your progress and watch what the reactions of the search engines are over time to your efforts so you can make adjustments, alter the intensity of the activity, or begin working on the next set of targeted keywords.

With that being said, we'll next gain a bit of understanding on how the search engines work.



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