Local Business SEO

Local businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to market and maintain their online marketing presence.

local business maps pinThe demands and the tasks are just too extensive for business owners, upper management, or managers to effectively keep their arms around and passing the SEO responsibilites on to an hourly employee just isn't the recipe for success because the competition is to fierce and you'll be left in the dust by your competitors.

Local business SEO is really Websitings bread and butter and as such we offer great value in our Local Business SEO packages.

We also highly recommend that you keep them running for a minimum of 6 months in order to take advantage of the on going SEO work and activities we provide that work consistently over time to achieve the top rankings for mulitiple targeted keywords that drive the valuable traffic to your website.

The targeted keywords will only focus on the city or state for the specific market area.

This allows you to go after a very targeted local market in which you can work to earn their business. Today, the vast majority of people are turning to online shopping, but they still buy locally.

In addition we will list your business in Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. We will also research out local directories that you won't find in a typical online search and make sure that your business is submitted to a handful of these select directories each and every month.

Of course the typical on page optimization, off page optimization, analytics installation and monitoring are all inclusive in this campaign. 

  Typical Local SEO Features: 
Meta tag optimization
Anchor text optimization
Website keyword density optimization
Google analytics installation
Google, Yahoo, Bing local
Local classifed listings
Hand picked local directory submission
Social bookmarking
Article writing
Article submissions
Ranking reports
Work reports

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