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toolbox2 The successful marketing of any website is dependent upon a variety of marketing as well as SEO (search engine optimization) tools that are used and deployed.

At WebsitingsOnline we offer a variety of optimization tools and techniques that give your website an advantage in the quest for the front page of the SERP's (search engine results pages).

There are several typical cyclical tasks every search optimization campaign and website must perform on a regular basis.

To name just a few: researching keywords, optimizing keyword positioning and the Web pages themselves, creation and submission of content for site and across the Internet, monitoring rankings, and building backlinks... and more.

Just below is a list of the types of activities and/or products that are a part of the packages that we can offer. They are intended to give a brief overview and understanding of their nature. For full details and discussion please feel free to contact us.


Search Engine Optimization - Link Building

In a nutshell, it's going to boost your presence on the various search engines, that will result in additional prospects and sales.

When done properly SEO can be a great type of internet marketing which has a very good Return on Investment (ROI). Correctly integrated SEO can help you obtain higher page rankings for all your keywords and phrases that potential clients are using to search for you, your products, or your services.

Precisely how high you place in the rankings is dependent upon your website, your competing marketplace, and the search engine involved.

On many occasions, when going through Google for example, you might observe some initial results inside the first couple of months; however, to align your expectations appropriately, the greatest amount of progress generally occurs between 6-12 months. When visitors to your website discover you in this manner, the traffic you receive is very targeted and ready to convert.


Target Keywords:

The quantity of keywords and key phrases which are appropriate for the chosen SEO plan. As an example, in our basic SEO plan, the number of target keywords and phrases is 4.

Therefore, a typical package for a local catering service would include a listing of 4 target keywords such as: Caterer Chicago IL Caterers Chicago IL Caterer Chicago Chicago Caterer It's always our preferred methodology to work on target keywords and key phrases that are tightly associated to one another.

Best keywords and key phrases include variations of the singular and plural as well as reversing the positions of the terms in the phrase (if appropriate).


Article Marketing:

This is the total number of key-worded articles that we'll prepare each month depending upon the plan selected. With a length of approximately 400 words, our articles will be original and informative and they will target the keywords and keyword phrases for the particular plan that has been setup.


Blog Posts:

This is the number of key-worded blog post that will be executed each month based upon the chosen plan. As a rule, blog posts are much less structured and formal. The purpose is to provide useful information in the post, but in a more informal and conversational way. These blog posts will never be re-used.



This is actually the amount of keyword-rich blurbs published each month for any specific package. Essentially blurbs are brief (roughly 100 - 150 words) inputs that will provide a brief introduction to a topic, yet leave your reader desiring more details.

These types of blurbs are excellent for Really Simply Syndication (RSS) because they are quick and catchy, and motivate a viewer to click through to read a full-length post. Also, they are keyword-rich / completely unique content that we create. Because of this, the search engines give their links some weight (well over purely duplicate content that's usually present in RSS feeds).

RSS promotion is a great way of increasing backlinks since it is created for content syndication. (See the full description below under “RSS Syndication” for how our technology produces and syndicates RSS feeds for the purpose of syndicating content material, generating buzz, getting readers and developing backlinks).


Monthly Content Submissions:

The overall quantity of submissions produced on behalf of a customer on any specific package. A submission can sometimes include a blog post, an article post, a social bookmark, an RSS feed submission, or a blog comment (optional). Where ever achievable, the submission incorporates a link to the customer website.

That way, these content submissions turn out to be backlinks. We now have hundreds of properties on the net that accept the submission of original work in return for a link. These properties have been carefully identified according to their pagerank, the quality of submissions to the website, the fact that they require CAPTCHA, and their own human review process.

These types of submissions create solid backlinks because we're in control of the content and quality of the webpage. The websites are reviewed after submission (via random audit) as a quality control measure.


Blog Comments:

If you select this activity in your link building program, it will include adding participation (in the form of commenting) on well-established blogs.

The majority of blogs have a place available for site visitors to leave a comment so visitors can participate in discussions and make the blog a much more active and content generating space. In many cases, these blogs reward such participation by offering the opportunity for the participant to add a link back to their site. If you choose this particular option, our commenting resources will engage in such participation and backlinking.

Because this type of participation has been the subject of such spamming tactics in the past, blog commenting can be seen as a bit controversial. This is why we offer this strictly as an option to our clients as a link building activity. Our blog comments follow the following guidelines:

  • Only participating in moderated blogs (i.e., blogs reviewed by a humans)
  • Only leaving blog comments that are relevant to the discussion
  • Only commenting on blogs with fewer than 45 outbound links
  • Using a real name as the anchor text on the blog
  • Payment only for approved comments

As with the article submissions and the blog posts, this content is audited to maintain high standards.


RSS Promotion:

This type of activity augments the backlink count contributed to by the articles and the blog posts. RSS aggregation sites are similar to bookmarking sites by serving searchers by assisting them to find RSS feeds that relate to the topic of their interest.

People can subscribe to these feeds with any typical feed reader (such as FeedBurner, a property run by Google). Our RSS promotion program includes the automatic creation of RSS feeds, similar to what WordPress does for bloggers, and then the submission of that RSS feed to many different RSS aggregation sites.

This helps pump up your website by serving as yet another form and variation of a backlink. This diversification in backlink resources works well to enhance the website rankings.


Social Bookmarking:

Quite simply, this is the submission of original content to various social bookmarking properties.

Social bookmarking sites are designed to aggregate and manage content in order to help their members and readers organize and locate interesting stories, content, and favorite sites. Submission to these sites is designed to create a "social buzz" about your website or particular content on your website. This "social buzz" results in human visitors to your site.

In addition, this bookmarking activity is an excellent way to get your webpages indexed in Google and the other search engines as quickly as possible. For content and articles that have already been indexed, these bookmarks serve to act as authority affirmation in Google and can turn into backlinks for your site.

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