Getting Started With Local Business SEO

Okay... we've come a long way since setting the stage, and then looking over some actual numbers so now you can can see how you don't have to single any one area out in your business plan that you believe is under achieving and then spend countless hours, energy, and money cracking the whip steadfastly focused on one area. local business marketing

Quite the contrary as you can see by the very enlightening numbers... small gains across multiple areas will yield you much greater ROI and with not nearly the amount of time, effort, and expense. So, you can see the numbers... and you like what you see.

You like the idea and can't wait to take it back to your business... but how... how do you get started?

Glad you asked... let's take a look at getting you jump started, and then I'm sure you can take it from there.

To Get More Customers

Determine and select a target audience that you can fulfill and serve effectively. Get to know both your customer base, and the people around the community, and the demographics of the people who have bought and what they have bought from you in the past.
Create your identity in the market. In other words, begin branding yourself and your business as an authority in that market that you have selected. Don't be afraid to promote and market yourself.
Develop and deploy a marketing message that is compelling and gets your target audience curious and interested in learning more about how you can help them.Work on developing a referral program that your existing customers can be exited about and that will turn them literally into a little army of sales people out in the community talking you up and referring business to you.

To Increase Your Ticket Average

At the time of the purchase, suggest a money saving larger size, or a money savings bundle that you have put together that complements (and up-sells) what the customer is already buying. This is known as bundling splintered the items. For example, if someone is buying a single splintered item that may be part of a group, suggest if they buy the whole group, the savings would be like getting one free if they bought them all separately.
Always, suggest additional items or accessories that would go well with the purchase. There isn't an item around that doesn't have some sort of complimentary accessory... and this goes to if you're in the service business... in fact it may be even easier to offer upgrades to any service you may be selling.

To Get Customers To Buy More Often

Know what your customers needs are. If you're in business and you're not communicating with your customers often enough to know what's going on in their world, what problems that they be experiencing, and what they would like to have, then you're just flat missing the boat with one of the easiest ways to increase your business.When you know your customers, developing specials, bundling items, and getting referrals because you're so in tune, will just become natural.
In today's world, if you're actively developing a customer list that you can regularly (even automatically) stay in touch with them, you're behind your competition already. Always keep your customers informed on what's new. What's coming up... and even going away. Get them to opt-in to your business newsletter or ezine. Stay in touch with post cards and email broadcasts that are in tune to what they purchase... so you keep them away from your competition.

Increase Your Customer's Evergreen Factor

Get to know your customers. Call on them from time to time. In today's electronic world this is easy, but go beyond that. You need to be out in the community networking and being an active member of local charities and organizations.
Respect and care for your customers. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you always take time out from your hectic day to personalize their experience with you and your business you'll have customers and referrals from those customers coming to your business for life. In other words, make sure your customers are raving fans of you and your business.

Now get back to your business and spend some time looking over these four keys areas for business growth. Develop a plan of action for each area.

It doesn't have to be extensive to get started but get something down in writing for ideas that you can readily implement that will begin to maximize each one of these areas. Then lastly... and most importantly... take action.

Don't worry about if your plans and ideas are perfect... just get started TODAY! You can tweak, adjust, and learn as you go, but get going you must.

Remember, don't worry or exert all your efforts trying to hit the home run. It's the little improvements across all areas that really pay the big dividends... Remember what you've just learned on how to get 10% to return 46.4%.

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