E-Mail Marketing 

is still one of the most popular and effective (no doubt why it is so popular) marketing activities that businesses take part in. E-mail marketing is, in its purest form, a form of direct marketing that is extremely targeted and track-able.

Since this is an electronic form of delivery and marketing, a business can track stats such as; the bounce rate, the open rate, and the click through rate.

This type of near real time information allows businesses to perform split testing and market tracking and know within a very short time information on which headlines (subject lines) get the highest open rate, which links inside the emails get the highest click through rate, and ultimately which combination of headline (subject line) e-mail content result in a sale. email marketing

As you can well imagine, this type of information is extremely powerful for a business on both the front end and the back end of their sales funnel.

Electronic Word of Mouth - or by today's verbiage Viral Marketing is a very popular method for marketing and/or branding yourself and your business.

Today there are thousands of vehicles that a business has at their disposal to ratchet up the Viral affect of their business, product, or service. Using a general Internet term, these vehicles would be referred to as social media.

Today, the social aspect of the Internet is growing at an exponential rate with platforms such as FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Although these platforms may have initially started out as a way to interlink groups of people socially, it did not take long for businesses and marketers to take advantage of the immense market reach and SEO that these platforms provide.

And it's not only the reach, it's the unbelievable swiftness at which a business can have themselves in front of a target audience creating a buzz that spread with a viral effect.
























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