Competitive SEO

Just as the name implies, our competitive SEO package is for our clients that want to target highly competitive keywords.


There are many factors to take into consideration when determining whether or not to target such competitive keyword terms and each and every market will differ in results.

Many vertical markets are extremely competitive with the top spots being occupied with long standing authority and very strong SEO'd websites of businesses that have the resources and the budgets to keep them there.

As such, keyword competition is generally measured and and evaluated by the standing and the structure of the websites that occupy the top three pages of the Google rankings for each keyword.

As part of our competitive analysis Websitings will evaluate such criteria and work closely with you in your choices of your most competitive keywords in order to establish realistic expectations of the level of effort, the length of time, and the probability of success.  

  Typical Competitive SEO Features: 
Meta tag optimization
Anchor text optimization
Website keyword density optimization
Google analytics installation
Article writing
Article submissions
Directory submission
Social bookmarking
Ranking reports
Work reports

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