Article Submission

By submitting and distributing articles for our clients, we help them establish relevant and theme appropriate content on multiple websites throughout the internet landscape.

Each article contains a one way back link to the specific matching themed page on the primary website. Keeping the themes, the anchor text and the links all tightly relevant is essential in any linking campaign in order to get the most attention from the search engines.

article distributionOnce these articles are published with the proper links and key-worded anchor text pointing back to the home website pages, people will begin to read these articles and have the ability to bookmark them or share them across the web.

As your articles begin to propagate throughout the Internet, the result is establishing more and more back links to your home site from various types of content platforms and a variety of IP addresses and geographical locations around the world.

The cumulative effect of this is two fold. First, from the human reader side of the equation, more and more people are seeing and reading the article and following the links back to your site. Secondly, the search engines see this propagation of your article content along with the tightly themed anchor text and links. This will then begin to cause the receiving page(s) of these back links on your home site to climb in the search results, thus delivering even more traffic to your website.

Article writing is not to be underestimated and is an essential element of any SEO or online marketing campaign.

Unique articles and content are a MUST. Simply creating slightly different variations of the same article is a waste of time. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter by the day and anything less than unique content is becoming more and more less valuable, so it is crucial that the time be taken to avoid duplicate web content. 

  Typical Article Submission Features:
Niche category/directory submission
Manual submission in chosen article directories
Unique user accounts for submission
Optimization of articles before submission
One article submitted to no more than 50 sites
No reciprocal linking
Detailed work report
Approved article report

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