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Local Business Online Marketing

Our goal is simple... to help local businesses with their online presence. If your business has a website, but it isn't really delivering the customers, we can help.

You can now reach more and more qualified buyers and increase your sales and/or leads with local search marketing.

Local searchers are extremely qualified and ready to take action.

They already know what product or service that they need; they are simply looking for a local business to fill that need. And more and more, they’re doing their leg work online. With a comprehensive local search marketing program from WebsitingsOnline, you can be the local business they find!


The Potential To Attract New Customers Through Local Search Is Massive!

Depending upon where you search and the resources used the numbers and analysis will vary... but make no mistake... regardless of statistical hairs you split on the numbers... local businesses MUST take steps to go after this traffic or they will be left on the proverbial vine to wither die. Local Business Online Marketing these day is must business builder.


Just in terms of the U.S. there are currently over 10 billion unique searches done each month.

  • 40% have local intent
  • 5% use a city or state qualifier in their search
  • 2% even use more informal terms such as suburbs and neighborhoods
  • .5% use the zip code
b1 Searches “related to local content” in one form or another comprises 73% of online activity - (Google)
b1 For every one dollar U.S. consumers spend online, another five or six are going to offline purchases that are influenced by online research - (MIT Technology Review)
b1 97% of Internet users in the U.S. gather shopping information online, and of those consumers 51% explicitly characterize their behavior as “Shop Online, Purchase Offline” - (NPD Group)
b1 New research indicates that 70% of U.S. Households Now Use the Internet When Shopping Locally for Products and Services - (The Kelsey Group and ConStat)
b1 54% of search users have substituted Internet/search for the phone book... they are trying to look up your phone number using an Internet search

Is it really worth it? Take a look at how just a 10% increase is really a 46.4% increase.

Websitings,LLC is a marketing company that uses the Internet to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Websitings has been a part of the Internet marketing landscape since 2004 and we will bring online marketing tools and strategies to bear to drive visitors to your site and work with you and your site to capture quality leads.

Let Websitings elevate your website's traffic to the next level with focused and powerful local business marketing and SEO solutions.

Our work provides you with the advanced search engine optimization both on page and off page.

If your website is just an electronic business card just sitting out there on the internet or perhaps you've initially done some SEO work and found that it requires too much of your time to really be effective; and you just want more traffic and leads, we can help with that.

Websitings approach is to combine both on page and off page strategies. The on-page mechanics is fairly straightforward but should never be overlooked or not completed correctly. The on-page factors help make your pages search engine compliant and much more attractive for the search engines which enables them to better please their customers with the most relevant results.

The off-page strategies get your webpages and your website out on the internet so your business starts claiming it's share of the virtual internet. This results in a gradual build up of relevant back links pointing to your main site and pages and these 'votes' serve notice to the search engines that your website is gaining in popularity and authority for your market. This means higher rankings and more traffic to your site.

 At Websitings we work closely with our clients and partner with them to knit together their online marketing efforts along with their website. You see, sending traffic to a poorly designed website that does little to capture or otherwise generate leads or customers does little for a local business' ROI... which is much the same as having no traffic to your website in the first place.

Our services also include effective social media strategies along with our targeted keyworded content and article distribution methods.

If you are ready to begin taking your online presence upward and out pacing your competition for today's valuable online consumer, our time tested strategies and services are your starting point for online marketing success.

The online consumer numbers and trends are staggering. You'd better get started soon or risk being left behind with a long and expensive battle ahead of you to get caught up with your competitors. Don't put yourself and your business in this position.

Get started today by getting in touch with us.

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